Marble Cleaning & Sealing


Marble Cleaning

Our marble tile cleaning experts take great pains to ensure that only specialized cleaning solutions are used, for anything that is too harsh can result in a white film forming on top of your beloved marble tiles and them subsequently losing their luster. Again, an abrasive cleaning agent could contribute further to the scratches on your tiles, so we ensure these are avoided as well when we preforming marble cleaning and sealing. Marble is also highly absorbent, so diluting the cleaning solution too much or leaving any residue behind after the cleaning process could stain your tiles. At Drytec, we take care not to do anything that would damage your tiles. We also use professional cleaning equipment to ensure that after we are done, your marble tiles are left as clean as they can be.


Marble Sealing

Ideally, marble tiles should be sealed as soon as they have been installed. If you are based in Perth, you need look no further than Drytec’s marble sealing solutions. What a sealant does is to reduce the absorbing capacity of the surface it has applied on. Generally, there are two types of sealers – impregnating sealers and topical sealing agents. Topical sealers tend to trap moisture, which can damage the surface over time, and hence are strictly not used. Water-based impregnating sealers allow the moisture to evaporate, making it our recommended choice. Marble sealing can prevent your marble tiles from getting discoloured by stains or spills, thereby preserving their appearance for the next 5-7 years.

Marble Cleaning and Sealing