Limestone Tile Cleaning & Sealing


Limestone Tile Cleaning & Sealing Services


Drytec limestone tile cleaning and sealing, restoration service restores the original glory of limestone flooring in homes and commercial establishments.

Due to limestone’s chemical composition, bleach and acidic cleaning agents are a strict no as they tend to damage the texture of limestone tiles. We are careful to use only neutral pH cleaning agents, using just the right amount and diluting it as per the manufacturer’s instructions, for we know that too much of it can be equally harmful for your limestone tiles.

Depending on the condition of your limestone tiles and the extent of the damage already caused, our professional limestone tile cleaners decide whether or not to bring in high pressure limestone cleaning and sealing equipment into the process. This is done only if the grout is in good condition and the pressure is never more than 800 psi to avoid further damage to your limestone tiles. Any residual moisture on the floor after the completion of the cleaning procedure is attended to promptly, and we see to it that the joints are dry as well at the end.

Once your limestone tiles have been cleaned, you might want to protect them from further damage and loss of appearance. This is why Drytec also offers its limestone tile sealing service in Perth. Now, ideally, limestone needs to breathe.

Applying a synthetic sealer would defeat the purpose, so we use a deep impregnating sealer which also enters the pores on your limestone tiles and reacts with them to form a protective barrier that is still breathable. It enhances their natural colour and also prevents them from absorbing stains. It lasts for years, so you can be assured of your limestone tiles retaining their appearance for quite a long time, no matter what the level of foot traffic or grime is.

There are also topical sealers if you want a satin sheen, high gloss or matte finish for your limestone tiles. No amount of sealing can prevent limestone from being corroded by acidic material such as cola or citrus juice, and this happens instantly on contact. Some prefer the matte look because it hides such traces of limestone tile surface deterioration, as opposed to a more polished look. Should any liquid be spilled on to your limestone tiles, it is strongly recommended that you clean it immediately.

Limestone Tile Cleaning and Sealing

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