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Drytec is a trusted company for grout cleaning and sealing in Perth. With a range of comprehensive, end-to-end services that include tile grouting, grout cleaning & sealing, or grout restoration to name a few – Drytec is the one elixir for all your grout problems.

Stripping & Sealing Slate Tiles in Perth

No one likes dirty grout. It’s an eye sore. But that’s not the only thing harmful about dirty, unclean grout. The disadvantages are numerous. 

For one, it is detrimental to the health of your family, friends, guests, employees, or customers and clients. It is the prime hideout of bacteria, germs, mildew, mould, dirt, dust, allergies and more.

For another, it becomes unsafe for children, seniors, or other people who need special attention during movement because they become more accident prone. Fluids, moisture, dirt and other foreign elements that lodge themselves in the pores of the grout often cause the surrounding surface to become cracked, chipped, slippery or uneven, leading to higher risk of spills, slips, and falls. 

That’s not all we will provide you exactly what was promised. If we have committed to a cost, we will ask you for not a penny more. We also pride ourselves on our team of friendly, cheerful people who will make your day when you meet them

Burdening the Earth is the last thing we want to do, while helping you improve health, safety and beauty at your facility. Our grout cleaning process makes use of vapor, and the grout sealing process involves Eco-friendly materials and techniques only This will guarantee that recoloring, particularly on lighter shaded tiles will be enormously lessened and will encourage normal support of floor and divider tiles. Grout lines are additionally impregnated and shielded from recoloring. Our Porcelain sealer is particularly intended for the lower porosity of the material. These items counteract substances, for example, oil, oil, water and general soil from entering into the surface.

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