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Drytec Stone Restoration Services offers Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing services across diverse industrial and commercial markets. Whether you need a high sheen polished concrete finish, matte concrete finishes, or merely staining and drying, we can handle your demands.

We will transform your untreated and unremarkable concrete floors with the right polished concrete flooring solution that is aesthetically pleasing, resistant to scratches, and durable.

Contact us today for your obligation-free consultation and discover our wide range of polished floor solutions.

Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing, Honing , Grinding, Sealing in Perth


Commercial concrete floor polishing is becoming the most preferred choice for commercial properties across Western Australia. They are perfect for commercial properties ranging from office buildings, smaller stores, and even the storefront.

They improve the aesthetic attraction of your building and are more cost-effective than carpets and wood flooring. Polished concrete floors are also excellent for high traffic areas. They do not peel, lift, and are immune to moisture and scratches. They repel debris, dust, and airborne allergens, which means you can maintain a cleaner, more sanitary environment.

Polished concrete floors are also more affordable than stone, marble, tile, or hardwood alternatives. They are also easy to clean, requiring only a mop and gentle soap to keep your floors clean and shiny for a long time.

No matter your colour scheme, polished concrete floors come in a variety of patterns, colours, and designs. You can also accomplish that highly polished, lightly reflective flooring your customers would admire so much.

Polished floors are easy to clean, requiring only occasional mopping without the need to be stripped and resealed. 


Your ideal commercial polished concrete finish must be protected from all kinds of corrosive liquids, slip-resistant, and suited to retail flooring or indoor public areas.  Drytec offers three main levels of polished concrete floor finishes personalized to your budget and needs.

When on a budget, we can develop an acrylic concrete finishing that improves the attractiveness of your floors. However, you need to refinish every three to seven years.

Your outdoor finish demands an exterior that can handle all kinds of external elements and is suitable for high traffic. We can hone your concrete floors to the desired even finish that is not only attractive but durable.

As an accredited Husqvarna Contractor, we implement the HiPERFLOOR polished floor finishes, which offer a diverse range of floor finishing suitable for your needs. HiPERFLOOR is the purest high-end polished concrete solution that is not only scratch-resistant but hypoallergenic. Your floor installations won’t need any grout and can be customized for interior and exterior locations. HiPERFLOOR provides surfaces that can withstand the toughest traffic, with incredible shine, beauty, and cost-effective overlook. Choose HiPERFLOOR and work with a team of accredited Husqvarna Contractors, ready to help you create the wow factor on your floors.

Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing, Honing , Grinding, Sealing in Perth


If you own or operate a commercial property, then it’s time to upgrade your current flooring options.

Our team at Drytec are qualified professionals with a vast knowledge of a multitude of trendy flooring design concepts and a dedication to the highest level of customer service.

When we handle your flooring installations, it means virtually zero downtime and an exceptional installation that lasts. By using industry-leading machinery, your commercial polished concrete floor installations will be handled without any messes or damage to your concrete.

Partner with us today and enjoy the results of experienced floor experts with the zeal to deliver the best polished concrete floor solutions that match your business needs. Get in touch with us today and get started on your project.