Limestone Restoration


Limestone Polishing & Honing


Drytec Limestone restoration adds Several Years to the Life of Stone Tiles and brings them back to life. We provide effective and cost-efficient stone polishing & honing services that not only restore the health, vitality, and aesthetics of your stone tiles but also improve their life expectancy. Our knowledgeable stone polishing & honing personnel are industry veterans who know the  tips, tricks, hacks, best-practices and every other practical know-how there is to know. They are adept in the use of state-of-the-art machines and techniques that bring out the best in your marbletravertinelimestonegranite stone tiles.

Limestone Floor Polishing


Drytec is an experienced and reliable provider of A-grade limestone restoration services in Perth and around the rest of Western Australia. Limestone polishing and honing, restoration is indeed our specialty.

It is the core competency with which Drytec Stone & Tile Restoration started out as a nascent company. The appreciation of our customers have led us to branch out in other areas of stone and tile restorations, but limestone polishing and honing remains our basic trade. 

So keep our number in your phone and be sure to call us promptly for limestone polishing & honing. If it has been more than three years since you first installed the limestone flooring or structure, or it has been more than three years since the last time your limestone floor, wall, or counter-top was serviced


Limestone Floor Honing


We like to start with limestone honing, which is the basic procedure of filing the top limestone surface to unearth fresh, clean, and damage-free limestone from within.

We use an array of advanced tools and technologies to make the honing process easier for us and faster plus better for you. The surface you see after limestone honing is sparkly-clean, like new limestone floor and can be left as is. However, we recommend polishing over the honed limestone for better results.

Limestone polishing (after honing) adds addition shine, luxe, and beauty. It also makes the newly-honed limestone surface more durable by acting as a protective barrier. This results in longer life of the shine, allowing you to forget about refurbishing the limestone floor again for the next three to five years. 

Our experts have the knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to provide you a customized limestone polishing and honing service. We can make your limestone floors or structures gleam like a mirror, glimmer like a semi-transparent surface, or shine like a neatly polished opaque surface. The choice is yours.

Limestone Grinding & Repairs


When your stones have severe or deeper scratches, they need a grinding process to undergo. Sometimes, the stones may have unevenness among them which can occur during the process of installation (in the industry this is known as lippage too). With stone grinding process you can expect to overcome all these issues. Once the scratches and contamination are removed, the appearance will be changed into a whole new level.

Natural Stone Floor Tiles Grinding and Polishing in Perth WA

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