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Tile Regrouting Services Perth


Drytec specializes in tile regrouting and grout repairs for homes and commercial properties across Perth, Australia.

As a family-owned business, we treat your projects like ours and strive to deliver an outstanding service always. Drytec Stone Restoration has the knowledge, combined experience and expertise to handle all kinds of regrouting and silicone projects. 

Whether you wish to improve the appearance of a single shower or to regrout on a large scale, we provide a fast and cost-effective solution. From implementing general silicone/regrouting to dealing with leaking showers and balconies, installing new shower screens and bathroom makeovers, we are here for you.ti

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Why Consider Tile Regrouting


Tile regrouting helps prevent leaks, and saves time and money spent on dealing with leaking problems. It also rejuvenates your tiled areas and fixes discoloured, aging, and unsightly grout. Consider re-grouting your existing tiles early to prevent leaking problems that might cause more damages and dramatically increase your expenses.

Are you thinking of replacing existing tiles? You should compare the cost and time for a full renovation against regrouting those existing tiles.

Depending on the situation and size of your project, regrouting might be more cost-effective, especially if your tiles are in good shape. Get in touch today and let Drytec help improve the appearance of your existing tiles with our regrouting service.

Grout Repairs Process


Regrouting is suitable not only for showers but balconies/patios, hearths/fireplaces, bathrooms, floors, and kitchens.

Our work begins with an inspection of the existing grout. That way, we can identify all the regrouting areas. However, our inspections are entirely free, which is an excellent way to determine whether you need to regrout or not.

Using our specialized diamond tipping tool, we’ll remove all defective grout and silicone. Afterward, we’ll eliminate dust and debris from the workplace to create a clean and fresh surface for work.

Standard grout is brittle and porous, prone to crack over time. You need Mapei Kerapoxy, our preferred ePoxy grout repair solution that delivers a superior and flexible sealing far better than standard grout.

Our grout repair solution, Mapei Kerapoxy, combines the powers of two acid-resistant epoxy grout. It is 100% waterproof, stain & chemical resistant, and backed by a 25-years warranty. It is also available in 22 different colours and known for its swift and strong bonding results. It’s the ideal choice when dealing with leaking kitchens, showers, balconies, change rooms, bathrooms, toilets, and many more.

Lastly, we’ll install our high quality silicone solution in those areas and tidy up your home. Once completed, you can start enjoying your beautiful tiles once more. Most of our regrouting services take only a day.


At Drytec, we have a team of professional and reliable experts ready to deliver the best job beyond your expectations.

We pride in our ability to deliver the highest standards and have access to superior products and high calibre expertise to get the job done.

Our main purpose is to deliver a competitively priced and trustworthy grouting solution. Contact us today to understand how we aim to handle your grouting project and receive an obligation free quote.