Travertine Polishing & Honing Perth

Travertine Polishing

Need the finest Travertine polishing & honing? Our team has got you covered. Our travertine polishing and honing service uses state-of-the-art mechanical equipment. Drytec Tile Restoration is well established stone care company in Perth that enjoys the patronage of hundreds of residential and commercial property owners throughout Western Australia, because of one simple reason – it provides the best, most trusted tile and stone restoration services in the region. With our experts working on the travertine polishing & honing projects at your facility, you get your travertine floor tiles looking as good as new again.

Travertine Honing

Our travertine polishing and honing service uses state-of-the-art mechanical equipment to ‘hone’ the floor. That is, to grind off a fine layer from the top flooring surfaces such that all impurities or imperfections are removed. The latest, most advanced diamond abrasives are used to unearth a fresh layer of clean, previously unexposed Travertine on the floor. This is followed by Travertine polishing, which adds a glossy, sparkly-clean finish to your floors. We use abrasives, files, and equipment of different sizes and densities to produce desired results. Want mirror-like finish? You got it! Want to keep it down with a medium-level shine? You got it! Want to test your creativity with custom finishes and shines. Drytec travertine polishing and honing service is outstanding but our costs are affordable. Get in touch with us today to discuss the opportunities.

Travertine Polishing and Honing